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No Age Dean Spunt and Randy Randall (aka No Age) are about to release the follow up to the celebrated Nouns (Sub Pop, 2008), an album that elevated this LA punk-rock twosome, with the talent to fuse narcotic noise and melody, to the top of the favourites list of specialist media on both sides of the Atlantic. The album will have the suggestive title of “Everything In Between” and it will come out on Sub Pop around 28th September. While we wait to be able to hear the 13 brand new songs from the duo, it wouldn’t go a miss to recall what Randall said to Pitchfork, back in January: “It's kind of a sound-collage element that's rooted in the song-writing process for some of the tracks, and some of them are sort of straight-up songs with textures and flurries of sampled sounds... It's not a whole lot different than from what we have done in the past; there's no big departures. But the creative process is evolving more”. There you have it.

No Age – “Everything in Between”

01. Life Prowler02. Glitter03. Fever Dreaming04. Depletion05. Common Heat06. Skinned07. Katerpillar08. Valley Hump Crash09. Sorts10. Dusted11. Positive Amputation12. Shred and Transcend13. Chem Trails

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