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Adventure  Their first songs, extremely melodic electro-pop close to the timbres of 8bit technologies, led to curious comparisons. Some said, “if Game Boy made soul music, it would sound like …” Adventure ; others said about Baltimorean Benny Boeldt (the man behind Adventure) that “he's the J M Jarre of the Sega / Nintendo world”, or that he sounds like “prime Vince Clarke crossed with Happy Hardcore”, followed in the reviews by mentions of Sparks, Yellow Magic Orchestra and early Crystal Castles; as well as references to classic games like Tetris, Donkey Kong or Legend Of Zelda. Two years after that self-titled debut on Carpark, and well-skilled after having toured as part of Dan Deacon’s band, Boeldt returns to take care of his own shop. “The Lesser Known”, his second album as Adventure is announced for 22nd March. According to the Carpark press release, Boeldt presents himself this time in a warmer and more emotional fashion, changing chiptune sounds for new wave synthesisers and human vocals that, at times, put him close to the chill-wave school. The fact that he is now touring with Toro Y Moi, with a band and everything, is a good sign of this change of style.

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