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Adult SwimThe TV channel [ adult swim] maintains its reputation as a music “maven”. Responsible for compilations (most of them monographic and centred around exquisite labels as Stones Throw, Def Jux or Ghostly International), the minds behind the channel which regularly offers cartoons for a mature audience have announced the start of the “Adult Swim Singles Program”. A digital single series that's available from today through their own web, Madvillain, Washed Out (a collaboration with Caroline Polachek from Chairlift), Cults or Holy Ghosts! (their LCD Soundsystem’s “ Drunk Girls” remix produced the own channel) are some of the bands featuring on a series of offerings updated every Monday. Upcoming releases include:

17/05 Superwolf ( Will Oldham y Matt Sweeney) 24/05 Madvillain31/05 Killer Mike07/06 Washed Out (ft. Caroline Polachek)14/06 High on Fire21/06 Black Lips28/06 LCD Soundsystem05/07 Cults12/07 Freddie Gibbs (produced by Phaseone)

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