Two new albums (and more) underway

Take a look at the sites and magazines writing about electronic and experimental music, and you’ll see that when it comes to “Splazsh” (Honest Jon's, 2010), the almost unanimous opinion is that it was one of the highlights of last year. Now, if you were Actress, what would you be doing this time of year? Would you be collecting press clippings? Would you look for a way to capitalise on this wave of critical acclaim by playing live? Well, if you were Actress, you would see it pretty clearly: in 2011 you’ll work, work and work, whether it be producing, remixing or releasing other people’s stuff. There will be no resting on any laurels.

We’re telling you all this because of a series of recent tweets ( here are some of them) in which Darren J. Cunningham announced some plans for 2011. He’s not providing any details about tentative release dates, but the Werk Discs capo says that over the course of this year, there will be loads of material in his name coming out. Apart from remixes for others (Panda Bear and Tom Trago are some of the names confirmed), orders for Numbers (it’s not clear if he’s talking about remixes or some original material), and new EPs by him on Rush Hour and NonPlus, Actress announces that he has two new albums coming up, one on Werk and the other for Honest Jon's. And all that, according to him, will be released before the end of this year. The first of the albums, released on his own label, will be called“Ghettoville” and will be released as a series of 12”s and on CD. And to that we’ll soon be adding future releases on Werk by Instra:mental and London beatmaker Patten, a name to follow closely. Workaholic, anyone?

Actress - Maze{youtube width="100%" height="25"}ivvzgXdf83w{/youtube}

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