Abe Vigoda


Abe VigodaThey started out making metallic, atonal and monochord noise, inspired by No Wave bands (this is what they dedicated themselves to in the beginning, and it’s how they first got noticed at the LA club The Smell), moved towards angular, art-punk pop with touches of Caribbean rhythms (which earned them unanimous critical praise for their second album, " Skeleton", PPM/Bella Union, 2008), and then advanced down the road of “Reviver” in the direction of darker noise-pop - dense, tense and taking inspiration from shoegaze. And after that? We’ll know soon. With this post, Bella Union have just confirmed that the third album by Abe Vigoda is finally complete, with its release set for 20th September (in the US, where the album will be released by Post Present Medium). According to the press release, the nine tracks from the Los Angeles quartet come filled with cold wave affiliation, showing off a new, more electronic profile where the synthesizers and sequencers are the protagonists - a role which up until now has been filled by guitars. While the band decide on the album’s tracklist, you can download “Throwing Shade” here, a track which will be released as a single (with “Vivid” as its B-side) on 24th August.Abe Vigoda - Throwing Shade

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