Aaron-CarlHis fight against cancer was public knowledge (Aaron-Carl himself told the world about his medical odyssey on his personal blog), but that doesn’t make it hurt any less to know that Aaron-Carl Ragland, a legend of Detroit house, is no longer with us. A week ago, he was officially diagnosed with the cancer which has now put and end to his life. It is believed Aaron passed away shortly after the operation carried out to remove carcinogenic lymphatic ganglions.

Born in Detroit in 1973, Aaron-Carl started producing his own music in the mid-90’s with the help of a keyboard and a four-track cassette. His first recordings reached the ears of “Mad” Mike Banks, the ideologue of Underground Resistance, who didn’t hesitate to invite Aaron to join the label. Soul City, a UR sub-label devoted to house, released Aaron-Carl’s first references. That was the beginning of a multi-focused adventure (for Aaron it was very easy to move freely among different styles, including deep house, Detroit techno, electro-funk or ghetto-tech) that over a decade and a half took him to labels like Ovum, Metroplex and Wallshaker Music, the latter founded by Aaron himself in 2002 to put out his soulful house creations. In parallel to his music activity, Aaron-Carl ran W.A.R.M.T.H. International Inc., a collective consecrated to preserving the legacy and integrity of Detroit-born electronic music.

His death has stirred the international electronic music community. Just go to Twitter and see how highly regarded Aaron-Carl was, that agent and creator of the best Detroit house. Rest in Peace.Aaron-Carl - If There's A Heaven (Daniel Kyo Remix)


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