Knowledge of choice

AardvarckDutchman Mike Kivits, aka Aardvarck, has over two decades' experience in the electronic music game, as a versatile DJ (of mutable taste) and as a producer of simple methodology (he continues to favour Fruity Loops) with unique results. His debut in 1993 with “2nd Groove 2 The Same Nation,” was a sample board of hardened techno for Djax Up-Beats, and since then he has published 12” through Delsin, Kindred Spirits, Signum, Bloom or Eat Concrete... The latter is the label responsible of releasing “Choice,” an album that showcases Aardvarck as more interested in exploring the beat and bass music from his own perspective. The album will reach the shops in August. Aardvarck - “Choice”

01. Words by Gaslamp Killer02. Lucky Shot03. Hoezo?04. Gestolen 2105. Breaking Bad06. Je Bent Zelf Raar!07. Leuk He!08. Snoeiharde Tekkno Met Stoere Biet09. Butsbuts10. 3 tot 1 Zonder Toaster11. Grijze Bloemen12. Dik13. Ge-gapt Dist14. Vinnik Zelf Lekker15. Deadwood16. Stolen Jazz17. Heal18. Andy's Theme19. Ge-kaait Speedmetal20. Ge-vat Loop & Biet Niet21. Find the Cow..Almost22. Begin van't Eind

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