Jumble presents “Titles”

AEED - TitlesHardly two weeks after introducing themselves with the collective album “Re-Jumble”, the new “bass-centric” division of the FuseLAB labels family is back with “Titles”. That’s the name of the first album by Aid Copelj aka AEED, a beatmaker based in Lugano, Switzerland, whom you might possibly know for his previous releases on Error Broadcast. The Jumble people tag AEED’s work as “future sonic hop”, i.e. bleeps and beeps inspired by the music of video games, beats coming from somewhere between smoked out instrumental hip-hop and wonky, a dub(step) pulse, spatial patina and a certain pop sensibility filtered through the least deconstructive IDM. The album is available as a download via the FuseLAB website. If you want a really good version, check the paid version on Bandcamp.

AEED - “Titles” 01. Ciao 02. Through The City 03. Radio Galaxia 04. Electricity Part 2 05. Psychedelic March 06. Another Place Another Space 07. Microcosmos 08. Unknown Dilemma 09. Green Rolls 10. Pseudorandom Numbers 11. Adventures In Bodolandia 12. Aliens On Drugs 13. Under The Alps 14. Bedroom Clock 15. Magic Train 16. Orbitrip No Meta 17. Children Of The Sun 18. Travelling People 19. What 20. Credits

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