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Unsound 2011 The new edition of Unsound is imminent. A month before the start, the line-up of the Polish event is taking its final shape. One of the new names confirmed is part of electronic music history: Juan Atkins will perform in Krakow at the front of Model 500, a cosmic Detroit techno classic. The group's presence is more than convenient, as Atkins has always named Alvin Toffler (author of “Future Shock”, the 1970 book from which Unsound takes its motto this year) and concepts such as the “techno rebels” conceived by him, among the main reasons to start the project back in 1985, parallel to the foundation of his label, Metroplex. Model 500 will perform as a band, with Atkins backed by “Mad” Mike Banks, DJ Skurge and Mark Taylor.

Along with veterans Model 500, the Unsound bill also features new talents, such as Glaswegian Rustie - about to release an album on Warp - and young Lithuanian Brokenchord, maker of luminous beats from the Black Acre label and recently chosen by Radiohead to remix a track off of their “The King of Limbs”. These names are on the paid program, but Unsound are also organising a series of free events, in collaboration with agents and collectives from all over Europe. For example, British label Public Information and The Exotic Pylon are organising an evening at the Feniks Dancing Bar in Krakow Cracovia featuring live acts by The Haxan Cloak, Ekoplekz and Stellar Om Source, and DJ sets by Pontone, Jonny Mugwump (Exotic Pylon) and Alex Wilson (head of Public Information). Part of the same string of free and additional activities is the cycle Eastern Bridges - a series of performances at the Klub RE where agents and festivals from all over Eastern Europe will present regional artists. Those featured include i/dex, The Volume, Silly Conductor, The Band of Endless Noise, Edgars Rubenis, Wo0, Gas of Latvia, Kotra, Zavoloka and Andres Loo. The free program is completed with welcome and goodbye parties - featuring artists like Legowelt, Felix Kubin, Machinedrum, VHS Head, Braille, LA Vampires and Philip Sherburne.

Apart from live music, there will also be room for talks and reflection on Unsound 2011. Follow this link to check out the program of panel discussions, lectures and debates. We can't list all the details of these activities here, so we give you the highlights: Steve Goodman (Kode9), Leyland Kirby (aka The Caretaker), John Foxx, Benge, Morton Subotnik, William Bennett, Robin Fox and Felix Kubin will be part of some of the round table discussions, presentations and Q&A's Unsound have in store for us - in collaboration with such prestigious publications as The Wire and Resident Advisor. All the non-musical activities will take place at the Bunkier Sztuki gallery and are freely accessible.

There are still more details and activities to be confirmed, but you already have more than enough reason to attend the upcoming edition of Unsound. Unsound 2011 will take place between the 9th and 16th of October at various locations in Krakow. You can get your tickets here.

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