Sónar Presents New Activities For SonarPro

The event's also announcing new advantages for holders of SonarPro accreditation

Every year, Sónar features a wide range of activities aimed at music industry professionals. In a second press release about the SonarPro program (find the first one here), the organisation confirms a new session of Digital Music 2.0., focusing on debates and lectures featuring important figures from the Spanish and international music scene. This year, the whole program will take place in one day, and there'll be two quite remarkable features. On one hand, director Adam Smith will present Don’t Think” , the first film by The Chemical Brothers, in a lecture focusing on the reasons why a band would make their own film, and on the increasingly common idea of merging two disciplines like film and music. On the other, the respected Dídac Lee, computer engineer, founder of several international projects in the new technology sector and present new technology director of Futbol Club Barcelona, will offer the keynote speech “Unexpected Relationships: Music And Football, where he will be talking about the features and innovations that the world of football and its marketing can bring to the music industry.

Similarly, this year there will be a new edition of Meet The Expert, presented by Sónar in collaboration with the Ramón Llull Institute, where renowned experts from the music business will meet SonarPro attendees in order to talk about new projects in ten-minute conversations. This time guests include programmers of international music festivals: Martin Elbourne (The Great Escape, Glastonbury Festival), Anna Kopaniarz (Tauron Festiwal Nowa Muzyka), Marcos Boffa (Terra Festival, UMF Brasil), John Reynolds (Electric Picnic, UK) and Lisa Mayer (Supersonic,UK).

Apart from the usual advantages to a SonarPro card, there will be some new services at the cardholders' disposal. This year, they can enjoy the new Hospitality Pro, located on the ground floor of the CCCB, including free coat check, a restaurant and taxi reservation service, and a fast drink ticket service, among other things.

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