Sónar 2012 Presents Its Graphic Campaign

Plus, forty new names added to the bill

Late last year we pondered Sónar's new graphic campaign. That flesh-toned logo and the brush-painted red cross inspired us go out onto the streets to ask people their opinion. Some people saw it as an allusion to the possible downfall of the Euro zone; others said it pointed at the idea of a 'healthier' festival; at the festival's new focus on sounds from conflict zones or developing countries; and some thought in hinted at a new film, like the one with the ghosts, only that this time it would be a porn flick with a nurse and a gory background. The latter were closest to the truth, as it turns out: there will be a new movie, though instead of porn and gore it will be more about intrigue and esoterism.

Sónar has just presented the festival's new graphic campaign, with the trailer for the film “La Distancia”. It was produced by Advanced Music and directed by Sergio Caballero and tells “the story of a robbery that takes place in a Siberian power plant”.

Alongside the first images, the organisation has added forty new names to the bill of Barcelona's 19th International Festival of Advanced Music and New Media Art. Among them are veterans New Order, who will be playing twice: the opening concert (exclusive for guests and press) presented by Estrella Damm, on Thursday 14th June, and one at Sónar By Night on Saturday 16th. Die Antwoord will be back in Barcelona, after their successful gig last year. Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs will be playing their delicate dance-pop, James Murphy and Mute founder Daniel Miller will be teaching history and good taste from behind the decks, Daedelus will squeeze the colourful magic from his Monome, and artists like Untold and Joe Goddard's The 2 Bears will instruct us to dance to their different tunes (bass mutations in the case of the former, festive house with the latter).

On a more experimental tip are Cornelius (presenting the band salyu x salyu), Brazilian Ricardo Donoso, secret band Mostly Robot, and the multi-scientific project by Japanese artist Masaki Batoh. From Spain will come groups as diverse as Pegasvs Lenticular Clouds, Lolo & Sosaku, D.Forma and Esperit!, among others.

Red Bull Music Academy will once again curate the SonarDôme stage. For now, the line-up will include the legendary DJ Harvey, footwork pioneers DJ Spinn & DJ Rashad, Brenmar, Nguzunguzu, Canblaster, Nehuen, Jesse Boykins III and Doc Daneeka - all of which are former Academy students.

Forty new reasons to not want to miss out on Sónar 2012. Festival passes and tickets can be purchased here, and remember: until this Saturday, 31st March, you can get your festival pass by paying in two instalments.


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