New Activities At SonarPro

Sónar confirms more expositions and debates

Sónar continues to expand the activities program of SónarPro for this year's edition. In the exhibitions segment, the exposition of several of the most interesting works linked to the programs of technological and musical creation from the Pompeu Fabra University is confirmed; whether that be the Digital Arts Master of IDEC, the Music Technology Group Doctorate, or the Phonos Arts Grant. All included works are interactive installations, with music and sound as the central elements. The installation 'Pollygows' by German artist Roland Olbeter will also be on display. This is a sonic installation formed by five industrial robots playing classical music.

On the other hand, as part of Digital Music 2.0, Make, Play, Share: The future of MusicTech” has been added; a debate about modern trends and future possibilities of research in the field of musical technologies on the Internet. Speakers will be Alex Loscos (BMAT), Scott Cohen (The Orchard), Hunter Williams (SESAC), Michael Breidenbrücker (RjDj), Matthew Hawn (Last.fm), Michela Magas (Stromatolite), and Robert Kaye (MusicBrainz) - who will debate the technological, industrial, ethical, artistic and educational aspects of music technology.

Here we leave you with an overview of the works related to Pompeu Fabra University, plus a demo video of Roland Olbeter's installation.

UPF Master Projects

U-Beat / Giampaolo Costagliola A motion sensor for mobile devices that interprets gestures while the user runs or dances to generate musical feedback. In collaboration with the graphic artist Daniel Gonzales. Prefall 135 / Aikaterini Antonopoulou, Javier Chavarri and Rodrigo Carvalho An interactive audio-visual installation that generates sound and graphics using the energy produced by water, which is manipulated by the user using a series of taps. The EyeHarp / Zacharias Vamvakousis A musical instrument that uses software to generate sound from the movement of the human eye. Gengen / Rocío Márquez Salguero, Daniel González Franco and Javier Guajardo Alanis A musical and visual generative instrument that works using movements performed in the air, captured by a sensor and projected onto a screen. 6DOS - Six Degrees Of Sound / Daniel González Franco An interactive binaural audio playback system that modifies sound depending on its position.

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