MUTEK Is Looking For Funds Among Its Followers

Help to get the Virtual Studio Festival project on the rails and enjoy the festival from your own home

The MUTEK festival has been bringing the most important electronic creators to Montreal for over a decade, making it one of the most respected international events on the planet. This year, coinciding with its 13th edition, the organisation wants to share the festival with the entire world. It has therefore started the project Virtual Festival Studio, a multimedia platform through which the audience can undergo the experience of the different activities in the privacy of their own home, using MUTEK TV and MUTEK FM. In order to get the show on the road, the festival has started a crowd funding campaign on Kickstarter, where you have until 16th May to donate. The idea is to raise 20,000 dollars for the project. If the amount isn't reached, all donations will be returned. So if you want to experience the festival in your own living room, you know where to go. The other option is going to Canada between 30th May and 3rd June. It's up to you.


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