Latest Informative Capsules Before Sónar 2012

Get a handbill and find out about all of the parallel activities

It’s less than a week until the beginning of the 19th edition of the Sónar festival. If you already have your ticket or you’re planning to attend the festival, pay attention, because you’ll be interested in this information. Both the handbill and the MySonar form - which allows you to generate a pdf file with your own itinerary at the festival, adding the artists that you want to see - are available now on the official website.

If you know the details about the festival or you have been to it before, you will know that concerts and DJ sessions are not the only things you can do at Sónar, as the circuit of parallel activities always allows you to enjoy other artistic disciplines. This year, another great cultural reference point in the city has become involved: the Mies van der Rohe Foundation, which along with the Eina Foundation, is presenting the exhibit “Ghost Forest” by sound artist Francisco López. The installation consists of the overlaying of ambient recordings made in different forests across the world, edited and filtered, with the aim of submerging the listener in a spectral atmosphere.

Speaking of art, to wrap up, we leave you with the second part of “La Distancia” - the film produced by Advanced Music and directed by Sergio Caballero - which, as “Finisterrae” was in its day, is the festival’s official image this year.

We remind you that you can still buy your tickets to Sónar 2012 through this link.


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