First Names For Mutek 2012

Apparat, Blondes, Kode 9, Tim Hecker and Ursula Bogner, on the Canadian festival's bill

The prestigious Mutek festival has announced the first confirmations for its 2012 edition. As usual, the Canadian event's line-up offers a tasty overview of the different brands of electronic music. Some of the most notable names on the bill are expansive pop group Apparat Band, astral excursionists Blondes, techno pure-breeds Jeff Mills and KiNk, newcomers like Nicolas Jaar and BNJMN and the always experimenting Stephen O'Malley, Farben and Roly Porter. There's also room for bass music with Kode9 and Shackleton, hip-hop with Paul White and a healthy amount of Canadian artists, such as Danuel Tate, Matt Thibideau, Nautiluss, Tim Hecker and Nouveau Palais. The inclusion of Ursula Bogner is intriguing - supposedly a pioneer of proto-electronica who died in 1994. Is it another Jan Jelinek project? Check out the line-up to the right.

Blondes - Lover


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