Buy Your Ticket To Sónar 2013 At Sónar 2005 Prices

Offer good for the first 500 tickets

Sónar Barcelona closed the 2012 edition successfully. Public attendance for the three days it lasted totalled more than 98,000 spectators from 80 different countries. And SonarPro, the area of the festival aimed at music and technology professionals, also went very well, with a year of growth in terms of activities, spaces, and goals, receiving 2,500 professionals from up to 40 countries. To those who attended physically, we must also add the broadcast audience of the festival’s YouTube channel: on Saturday, 380,000 people followed Sónar on the internet, and the festival estimates that the total number of channel spectators could have surpassed the total figure of 800,000 after the second day.

With these numbers and with the feelings of those who were there still fresh, Sónar has just put the first round of tickets for next year on sale at a reduced price. It’s your opportunity to buy your ticket to Sónar 2013 at Sónar 2005 prices: that is, for 100 euros (plus handling costs).

The offer is valid for the first 500 tickets. If you are interested, follow this link.


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