Bloc Festival Has Begun Bankruptcy Proceedings

The English festival’s official website issued a statement about the financial situation yesterday

After the organisational disaster that took place on the first day of the Bloc Festival (last Friday the 6th), which led to it being cancelled (we told you about it first-hand here and here), the company that organised the event has just declared bankruptcy. With a note posted on the home page of its official website, Bloc Festival announced its delicate financial situation and attributed it to what happened last weekend. It also stated that the new outside administrators of the company would open a line of investigation to clarify the causes of the resounding organisational failure that brought about this unhappy ending.

The new administrators will also be studying the accounts of Baselogic Productions, the company responsible for organising the event, to determine how much there is to be able to pay creditors and ticket holders - who obviously deserve to have the ticket price returned to them, as the festival was cancelled. Meanwhile, those affected by the latter situation have begun to share information online regarding consumer rights in the United Kingdom and the policies applicable to those who paid for their tickets by credit card (if that is your case, you might be interested in this link).

After hearing about the delicate situation of the Bloc Festival organisation, we very much doubt that we will be hearing about the prestigious festival being held again in the coming years.

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