The Life And Times Of Kurt Cobain Come To Sticker Books

On 29th October, Belly Kids will publish “Kurt And The Gang”, an odd item aimed at fans of the frontman of Nirvana

Kurt Cobain’s image has been exploited thoroughly in an endless array of objects and settings (from film to videogames, including publishing). But the deceased leader of Nirvana still hadn’t appeared in one place: as the star of his own book of stickers. Publishing company Belly Kids will fill this void this coming 29th October, the date that “Kurt And The Gang” will go on sale, a book of sticker illustrations covering his life, both musically and personally, with special guests who were closely related to Cobain, such as Courtney Love, Pixies, Dylan Carlson, Daniel Johnston and Dave Grohl. The illustrations were done by Patrick Schmidt, Murray Somerville, Chris Golden, Sean Morris, Brooke Olsen, Christoper Worker, Rob Goodall, Chaos vs Cosmos, Michael Hsiung, Paul Windle, Laura Handyside and Sophy Hollington. The book, aimed at an adult audience, can be ordered here.

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