The New Series From The Creator Of “The Big Bang Theory” Will Poke Fun At 90s Alternative Culture

His new sitcom, called “Smells Like Teen Spirit”, is being developed now

Dave Goetsch, creator of the well-known series “The Big Bang Theory”, has signed an agreement with CBS to develop a new comedy. The series will revolve around a young entrepreneur who decides not to study at Harvard so he can set up a successful online company run from his garage. The character will do so with the help of his sister, his best friend, and his parents, former indie-rockers from the 90s. One of the main themes in the series will be the parodying of the “slacker” ideals of his parents, from the perspective of the current generation, much more focused on productivity. This sarcastic tone is noticeable in the choice, provisional for now, of the title “Smells Like Teen Spirit”, a reference to the Nirvana anthem embodying the rebellious spirit of that generation. Kurt must be turning over in his grave.


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