Swingers Share Kraftwerk @ MOMA Ticket In Exchange For Sex

The Upper East Side couple put an ad on the Internet

This week, Kraftwerk have taken over the MOMA in New York, in order to play every studio album they ever made live. As the gigs sold out in the blink of an eye, thousands of people were left empty-handed. Knowing very well that many people would do anything to see the Düsseldorf legends perform, a swingers couple from the Upper East Side had the brilliant idea of looking for kindred spirits to join them in witnessing the live rendition of The Man Machine”. The ticket price, of course, will be paid in flesh.

Their demands are simple: the other couple has to be happy and very attractive, and they have to pay for a limo to take them to the gig and to the sellers' home afterwards, where they will indulge in carnal pleasures: lots of heavy petting and hot kisses, without it necessarily leading to hard-core sex.

If you're ready to accept the couple's indecent proposal to see The Model” and The Robots” played live, check the photos the couple attached to the ad.

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