The Stone Roses Already Have Their Parody Sketch

Look at the mockumentary “The Stone Roses: The Second Second Coming”

Coinciding with their reunion concerts in Manchester’s Heaton Park, British comic Nico Tatarowicz has released the mockumentary “ The Stone Roses: The Second Second Coming”, which parodies the press conference last fall in which the legendary Manchester band’s return to the stage was announced. The sketch includes all four members of the group, Ian Brown, John Squire, Reni and Mani, although the best lines go to the first two, with delirious dialogues, like when they compare themselves to “ Tron: Legacy” and Jeff Bridges. Besides, the video also includes special performances by Liam Gallagher, who never tires of repeating the importance of Stone Roses, Morrissey, Shaun Ryder and Bez from Happy Mondays, Simon Cowell, and an absent-minded Bobby Gillespie. You can access the video, which lasts over nine minutes, underneath these lines.

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