Do You Want To Be The Star In Belle And Sebastian's First Film?

Stuart Murdoch is looking for actors for “God Help the Girl”

Good Stuart Murdoch has been thinking about taking “ God Help the Girl" to the silver screen for years. The musical film about a young woman named Eve who uses her time in a psychiatric hospital to write songs has been on the Belle And Sebastian leader's mind for longer than should be necessary. So far, we knew he was looking for funds for the shooting, supposedly this summer. The casting process, we assumed, was in its last stage, but, surprisingly enough, Murdoch has just announced he's still looking for the perfect Eve, and not only that, he hasn't yet got the actors for the other two main characters, James and Cassie, either. If you feel you're the perfect man or woman for the job, you can send your audition tape following the instructions on the film's website. You have until 15th March.

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