New Social Network For ‘Little Monsters’

Lady Gaga launches a platform for her legions of fans

The social networks have changed the marketing strategies of artists these days. Lady Gaga, with 25 million followers on Twitter, knows that all too well. Which is why she created her own social network, (although it’s still in its testing phase). The platform will allow her followers to keep up with the latest news and also express their opinions on anything freely.

Created by Backplane (experts in creating social network solutions for the rich and famous), which Gaga is an investor in, the platform is little more than a mish-mash of what one would usually find on the internet - forums and Pinterest for example. So far, however, Facebook-style anti-erotic censorship hasn't surfaced. The first subjects raised by the fans are endearing messages like “I'm proud to be gay” and “is your hair free?”.

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