Skrillex On Forbes' Rich Guys List

The Californian is number 92 of the Celebrity 100 list

His name generates opposing opinions: to his fans, he's little less than a new electronic god; to the rest of the world, a prime example of all the bad stuff deriving from a sound that in its day was so exciting: dubstep. While millions oppose the man, there's no denying that Skrillex, the ultimate flagship artist of the brostep current, has been tearing the roof off of clubs around the world for just under a year now. Those who already hated the artist now have a new reason for discontent: at the tender age of 24, the Californian has entered Forbes' legendary list of the 100 richest celebrities. Estimated at 15 million dollars, he's at number 92. If he did this in so little time, what will happen in the coming years?

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