M.I.A. Sells Necklaces

With remixes of “Bad Girls” inside

Mathangi Arulpragasam continues to exploit the automobile inspiration that gave rise to the spectacular video for “Bad Girls”. M.I.A. has decided to put together a series of remixes of the song and offer them in a unique format: a 2-GB USB stick shaped like a car key (decorated with a logo that is deliberately similar to BMW’s) hanging from a gold chain. The object contains remixes made by Danja, Switch and Leo Justi , including new lyrical contributions from Missy Elliott, Rye Rye and Azealia Banks. M.I.A. also promises additional material such as “an exclusive gift and ‘behind the scenes` images of the filming of the ‘Bad Girls’ video”.

In case you’re thinking about it, we’ll let you know that this fetish costs 50 dollars. Whoever wants one can order it here.

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