Rusko Burns Mad Decent On Twitter

The producer is not amused about them offering up his new album for streaming through Mixmag

Twitter was on fire yesterday, thanks to Rusko. As you'll know, his new album Songs” is coming out on Mad Decent next week. The thing is, Mixmag offered up a stream of the entire album yesterday, with the OK from the label. Rusko was not amused, tweeting: Try and keep something under wraps for months and then the fucking label allows a full live stream. Congrats @maddecent it's everywhere now ”. He went on: U fcking useless numbskulls @maddecent all the hard work keeping it off radio, no djs, off YouTube, till release day was for nothing. Thanks ”. Before the more to the point: Cunts.”

Mercer's ire was such that he threatened to upload the album himself, once his contract with Diplo's imprint finishes: 27th March I'm free. I might just put the album for free on my website to fuck em. I just want u guys to have it. […] I'm gonna post the fucking torrent links day of release. No $ for u @maddecent ”.

After a couple of hours, the label decided to take down the stream from Mixmag, which pleased the producer only half. The streams been taken down. Job 1 done. Job 2, I have to wait til I get back to the US. I may go to prison for job 2 ;@). We'll see what happens next Tuesday.

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