Rihanna Gives Details About The Two Special Versions Of “Unapologetic”

One of them, the so-called ‘Diamonds Executive Box Set’, costs the tidy sum of 250 dollars

If you are more of a crazed adorer than a fan of Rihanna’s, or if you are just one of those pathologically fetishist album collectors who enjoy buying the most unusual, exclusive special editions, wherever they come from, then the singer from Barbados has a special offer for you.

This coming 19th November, RiRi will release “Unapologetic”, her seventh studio album. Of course there will be the typical standard edition for the normal folks. But there will also be two special editions aimed at people who are rich, like she is.

The first special edition, christened the ' Diamonds Deluxe Box Set', will include an exclusive t-shirt made from a Michael Muller photo, several stickers, a poster, a DVD with previously unreleased footage of her recent performance at London’s O2 Arena and, check it out, a black leather bracelet that has a 1/100th -carat diamond. All of this for 62.50 euros here. But there’s more. If you need to have a 2-giga USB shaped like a credit card, filled with photos, videos, and information about the artist, seven 12x50 lithographs, the t-shirt with the Michael Muller photo, stickers for your laptop and your smartphone, a copy of a handwritten note from Rihanna to her fans, a record with remixes of “Diamonds”, the aforementioned DVD, a 3D visor that allows you to see how Rihanna’s appearance has changed over the years, and even a 40-page book with notes written in her own handwriting, then you can always get yourself the ‘ Diamonds Executive Box Set’ by following this shortcut, and it will only cost you 250 dollars. Did someone say “crisis”? We have to wonder, will someone actually pay that?

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