Jack White Releases A Series Of Special Posters Called “The Triple Decker Poster”

Available today only on his label's website or at his gig in Nashville

Jack White continues to surprise the world with his curious inventions. After the impossible 3 RPM vinyl and releasing his single attached to helium balloons, the merch stand at his gig today in Nashville will feature a highly collectible object. We're talking about the Triple Decker Poster”, a series of three posters made deliberately to be superimposed. Invented by Matthew Jacobson and Bryce McCloud, they're made using both the most advanced silk-screen printing technique and the most archaic 15th century one. See the three posters here and play around with them to see what effects you can get. The 'white' and 'blue' posters can only be purchased at the aforementioned Nashville gig. However, the 'black' one can be bought today, and today only, at the online store of Third Man Records. Sale will start at 3 pm (GMT-5).

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