Jamie Oliver Finds The Master Tapes Of Several Joy Division And New Order Recordings

They were in the basement of his new restaurant

Jamie Oliver, the famous TV chef, found a strange surprise in the basement of the place where he's planning to open his new restaurant in Manchester. The building, formerly a bank, had a number of safety deposit boxes in the basement that had remained locked for a long time. According to the Huffington Post, employees of the Bank of England tried to locate the owners of the boxes, to no avail, and proceeded to open them by force. They found all sorts of contents: a gun, jewellery and gold - with a combined value of over a million pounds. They also found the original master tapes of various recordings by Joy Division and New Order.

A few years ago, Peter Hook commented that the masters had gone missing – and this was the reason why there are no new reissues of New Order records. Now we know where they've been all this time.


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