Toy Manufacturer MGA Entertainment Sues Lady Gaga For “Deliberately Delaying” Commercialisation Of Her Own Doll

The suit filed requests the payment of 10 million dollars in damages to the company

No celebrity really is one until she has her replica in the form of a doll. Anyone would be very excited to see herself on the shelves of a toy store, but it seems that Lady Gaga isn’t very on the ball with that. Let’s get you up to speed. Toy manufacturer MGA Entertainment, the same company that popularised the Bratz dolls, intended to put a miniature replica of the "mother monster" on sale for last year’s Christmas season. However, with the prototypes finished and awaiting the diva’s approval, that approval never came. The result: millions of dollars lost during the gestation of the aforementioned doll and on distribution and commercialisation agreements that were never met.

This is the main reason why MGA has filed a suit asking for 10 million dollars in damages against Gaga and Universal, since according to them, they had estimated there would be profits of 28 million dollars thanks to this doll, which never received final approval from the artist for two reasons: one, each figure was supposed to have a voice chip that would perform some of her songs, which she absolutely refused to approve; and two, she was more concerned with other promotional work, such as, for example, the perfume that she will launch in September. From Gaga’s headquarters they have rushed to say that the suit isn’t really against the singer, but rather against the merchandising company of her label, Bravado, and that they are sure that they won’t be tainted by this “malicious suit” in court.

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