Lou Reed + Metallica

The artwork for “Lulu” banned from the London tube

Things haven't started well for “Lulu”, the album by Metallica and Lou Reed. The first “advance track” (a 30-second snippet) didn't seem to excite anyone. And now, Universal Music's promo campaign in the UK failed to clear the first hurdle. The Transport for London authorities have banned the promotional artwork for the album on the London Underground. According to a spokesperson, the image looks too much like graffiti. Now, we get that the image of a dismembered mannequin and the word “Lulu” written in blood might not sit well with some people, but “graffiti”? Is the graffiti thing not just an excuse to apply some other kind of censure? Anyway, the album will be out on the 31st of November on Universal (a day later in the US, on Warner Bros.).

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