Lil B Tries His Luck In Sports

The Based God presents himself at the try-outs for basketball team Santa Cruz Warriors

A few weeks ago, Brandon McCartney, a.k.a. Lil B , a.k.a. the Based God, threatened to pursue a career in the NBA. In the end, he appears to have reconsidered, but he hasn't forgotten about basketball. The rapper presented himself this week at the open try-outs for the Santa Cruz Warriors, a satellite College league team of the NBA's Golden State Warriors. It's not really clear if he did because he actually wants to be part of the team, or just to get in front of the camera a bit. “Just putting my skills to the test, supporting Bay Area teams, and you know, spreading that love,” said the king of internet rap to the cameras of an American TV station. You can see the interview and the coaches' impressions here.

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