Jay-Z Wants President Obama For The Festival He's Curating

Budweiser Made In America will be held in Philadelphia early September

When one's on top of the world, observed and revered by millions of people all over the globe and with a big bag of cash for an influential and care-free future, one can allow themselves the luxury of wanting crazy things. Take Jay-Z, for instance. He wants Barack Obama, President of the USA, on the bill of the festival he's curating. On 1st and 2nd September, Philadelphia will celebrate the Budweiser Made In America festival. Apart from Mrs. Z, Beyoncé, no other names have been confirmed yet. However, eager to make history, the rapper told Rolling Stone that he's definitely going to ask President Obama to hop on stage to play Al Green's Let’s Stay Together”, as he famously did some time ago. It would be a guaranteed and instant sell-out for the event, that's for sure.

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