James Murphy Wants You To Send Him Your Photos

He'll use the pictures as an inspiration for his first short film with Ron Howard

A few days ago we told you that James Murphy was going to shoot his first short film with the help of director Ron Howard, to promote Canon's Project Imagination. The film will be made using any kind of photos the leader of LCD Soundsystem receives, which is why Murphy himself sat down near the Brooklyn Bridge to encourage you to share your pretty pictures with him. In the priceless video below, the New Yorker tells you about the first camera he ever bought, and where his passion for photography comes from.

If you want to contribute to the cause and maybe see your snapshot immortalised in this short film, you have until 24th September to send it to him through this website. Once the deadline is past, Murphy and Howard will choose the ten photos they like the most, which will then be used for the film.

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