Grimes Designs A Line Of Rings Shaped Like Vaginas

She also provides details about her coming video for “Genesis”

Grimes attracts attention on so many fronts that we maybe missed a detail about her recent performance on the program 'Later With Jools Holland' (which we’ll leave you with, again, underneath these lines). Probably more than one of you will have noticed the huge pink ring that Claire Boucher was wearing on her hand, but nobody could see the shape, since there wasn’t any shot close enough to see it. Now we know that the ring forms a part of the line of jewellery that Grimes has created in collaboration with Montreal jeweller and sculptor Morgan Black. The first line is called “Grimes Pussy Rings”, and they are huge rings shaped like vaginas.

On another subject, avid Twitterer that she is, the Canadian has commented on the social network that she already has in mind what her next video will be like, this time for “ Genesis”. She will film it in Los Angeles in June and says, “i need hot girls who can dance & r willing to be zombie angels and blow up cars and televisions”. Are you up for it?

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