Elvis Presley Will Be Back As A Hologram

Core Media Group wants to bring back The King

You could see this coming from miles away. Tupac's appearance as a hologram at Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg's gig at Coachella wasn't going to be the last of it. A few weeks ago, Freddie Mercury “reappeared” as an optical illusion during a special presentation of the musical “We Will Rock You” at the Dominion Theatre in London, and now the Core Media Group, owner of Elvis Presley Enterprises, are bringing back The King of Rock & Roll.

Digital Domain Media Group, the company that brought us Tupac's hologram, confirmed a deal with Core Media Group for a series of “virtual Elvises” to take part in several entertainment projects in cinema, on television and on stage.

Jack Soden, CEO of Elvis Presley Enterprises, trusts Elvis' fans “will be thrilled all over again and new audiences will discover the electric experience of Elvis the performer. […] The high level of quality entertainment that both CORE Media Group and Digital Domain deliver gives us great confidence that these projects will help continue the growth of Elvis’ rich legacy all over the world.”

So who will be next? Place your bets now.


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