J Dilla's Record Collection On Sale, Supposedly

A Royal Oak store believes to have found 8000 records belonging to the legendary beatmaker.

It's no secret that besides being an obsessive beatmaker, J Dilla was a compulsive record collector. Now, a record store in Royal Oak, Detroit, is selling part of his supposed collection. Local media report that Jeff Bubeck, owner of UHF, was digging through a set of records found in an abandoned warehouse when he found piles of commercial mail addressed to one James Yancey (Dilla's real name), and some cassette tapes labelled "Jaydee Beats”. After doing some Googling, Bubeck realised who Yancey was and what his discovery meant. Between 7000 and 8000 vinyl records, which, besides their musical worth (Dilla was known to go through the cheapo crates, looking for obscure sounds and breaks to sample), have huge sentimental value. Though it hasn't officially been confirmed that the records really belonged to the legendary producer, the store put part of the collection on sale on Record Store Day, and their intention is to donate part of the revenues to the J Dilla Foundation.


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