DMX: "What The Fuck Is A Google?"

An interview uncovers the rapper’s aversion to technology

Is there really someone in the music industry in the middle of 2012 who has never used Google? It looks like there is - DMX. We wouldn’t have expected the well-known rapper, who has enough money to buy himself a computer the size of a blackboard, to be so Amish. DMX was visiting the studio of a radio station when he was invited to handle a laptop. When faced with the request, he started to make all these excuses as to why not: the toolbar has too much stuff on it, what the hell is that arrow, I don’t have the patience for that stuff when he sees the symbol that an audio file is loading, what kind of a word is "Google"... Although the video is quite entertaining, DMX is probably suffering from cyberphobia, that is to say, fear of computers and of not knowing how to use them correctly.

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