Animal Collective Suggest You Listen To “Transverse Temporal Gyrus” In A Different Way

The band came up with an interactive experience, with a starring role for Danny Perez' video creations

To celebrate Record Store Day, Animal Collective recovered some sounds they made two years ago, for their installation at the Guggenheim Museum in New York. Those sounds are released on 12” under the title Transverse Temporal Gyrus”. However, it looks like the band see the record as the source of an incomplete experience. Their installation was accompanied by the visuals of Danny Perez, which is why Animal Collective got in touch with the artist once more, for the conception of an application that can be downloaded from their website. There you can enjoy the two new tracks (check them out below) in a unique way. Download the app, open your eyes wide and enjoy the psychotropic images the band are bringing you. According to them, every time you press play, they change completely, so you'll have to repeat the experience several times in order to get the full effect.

Animal Collective - Transverse Temporal Gyrus Part 1

Animal Collective - Transverse Temporal Gyrus Part 2

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