Drake And Chris Brown Challenged To Settle Their Differences In The Ring

An entrepreneur offers a million dollars each for a fight

Two weeks ago, a night of partying at the WIP club in New York ended in a dispute between Drake and Meel Mill on one side, and Chris Brown and his entourage on the other. It's not quite clear what caused the fight (though word has it that it was because of a series of tweets dedicated to Rihanna a couple of days earlier), nor to what extent either artist participated in the exchange of blows, but Brown ended up as the victim, filing a complaint about a “brutal attack” involving fists and bottles.

Famous promoter Damon Feldman has just revealed that, inspired by the fight, multimillionaire Alki David is offering a million dollars each if Brown and Drake step into a boxing ring to settle their differences. Should the event take place, David will also donate a million dollars to several charity organisations.

In declarations to New York’s Daily News, Feldman stated that Alki David's offer is for a 'light' battle. “Obviously they have a grudge. It's just three one-minute rounds. No one will get seriously hurt.” To be continued.


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