Bon Iver Starts A New Contest

This time he wants you to design him a new tattoo

His remix contest hasn't even finished yet, but Justin Vernon has already come up with a new crowdsourcing idea. And this time it has nothing to do with music. The man behind Bon Iver wants a new tattoo, and it has to be something related to a specific episode of “Northern Exposure”, the TV series he has taken the names of both his band and his label from. Vernon is asking for designs inspired by an episode of a series that, to him, is something more than just a favourite. “This is a really important thing to me. I don't know how to express that exactly... It’s a TV show but it weirdly explained my life to me. Cicely is the metaphor for that.”

You can read the description of the contest, and download images from the series from here. According to Vernon on Twitter, the winner will receive a cash prize.


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