AraabMUZIK’s Second Album Slips Into An Online Shop

eMusic posts "Electronic Dream 2" with snippets, cover art and a tracklist, but the producer discredits the release

In a surprise move, yesterday the recognised digital sales platform eMusic posted "Electronic Dream 2", by AraabMUZIK among its new items. There was a cover similar to that of the Dipset producer’s debut, a tracklist of 10 cuts and even clips of all of the cuts on the release information sheet. Nevertheless, it was very strange that the supposed second album from the MPC genius would go on sale without his management team or label having given any advance notice of it. Hours later - and we suppose overrun with questions from fans and the press - Araab discredited the validity of the tracklist and the cover art of the unique eMusic release on Twitter, warning that "Electronic Dream 2" isn’t out yet.

Although the artist has come into the ring to ask his fans to ignore the version of "Electronic Dream 2" that is on eMusic, as it is not the definitive or real version, the album is still available on the digital platform. And the release is still slated for this year. Has a mistake been made by those around AraabMUZIK’s record company or eMusic, and have the album’s details been leaked too early? Did some angry employee take justice into his own hands? Did someone pass the digital distributor The Orchard and eMusic a fake version of "ED2"? Time will clear up the misunderstanding, which is already one of the most outstanding anecdotes of the year.

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