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Chrome Canyon Makes His Debut On Stones Throw

First album "Elemental Themes" will be out on 9th October

Although Morgan Z will make his Chrome Canyon debut on Stones Throw come October, it's not the first time the Californian is involved with a music project. Childhood piano lessons, jazz studies in New York, and an early synth collection led to the membership of the band Apes & Androids. Morgan is now condensing all that baggage into Chrome Canyon, where analogue synths are at the heart of his compositions, further accompanied by drums, prog guitars, Theremin and self-made compressors. Stones Throw says that "Elemental Themes" has the grandiloquence of a cinematic experience, but without the film. We leave you with the video of "Memories Of A Scientist". More details about the album you'll find to the right of this article.

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