YACHT Take Their Adventures To The Small Screen In Comedy Format

The series will be called "Support" and will premiere in 2013

If your hunger for YACHT wasn't satisfied by their music alone, a few months ago the band gave you the opportunity to wear their Shangri-La perfume, on sale in their online store. But there's more. Soon, the fans of the LA band will be seeing their idols on television as well. YACHT announced they're working on "Support", a comedy series written by and starring themselves, about their own lives. The series will premiere in early 2013.

This is not the only news from YACHT HQ to reach us. Jona Bechtolt, Jeffrey Brodsky, Claire Evans, and Rob Kieswetter will be celebrating their tenth anniversary on the road on 8th December, in Los Angeles, with a special gig at the Echoplex. They're promising surprises, special guests, and music from every YACHT episode. We bet they'll be recording the concert as well.


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