Wu-Tang Clan's RZA To Direct A Genghis Khan Biopic Next Year

The rapper is also thinking about another film project called “No Man’s Land”

RZA has taken a liking to getting behind the camera. A few days before the premiere of The Man With The Iron Fists”, the his debut feature produced by Quentin Tarantino starring Russell Crowe and Lucy Liu, the producer and brains of Wu-Tang Clan already has two new film projects in mind. On one hand, he will be directing a biopic about legendary Mongolian warrior Ghengis Khan, to be shot in china next year. And on the other, there are talks for a second film, entitled No Man’s Land”, with a script by Trey Ellis and David Klass about mishaps of a man who's lost a priceless diamond. We know of one man who won't be going on any holiday any time soon.

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