M.I.A. Writes The Music For Julian Assange's TV Show

“The World Tomorrow” will be broadcast from tomorrow

When M.I.A. released her “ Vicki Leekxmixtape for free in 2010, she didn't expect she would end up working with Julian Assange, the brain behind WikiLeaks, which she has always said she is heavily influenced by. Assange asked Arulpragasam to write the music for his new TV show, “The World Tomorrow”, to be premiered tomorrow on Russian TV station RT (broadcast in English and online). Last Friday, the London artist tweeted “Julian Assange borrowed my computer last week, I'm still FREAKING OUT !!!!!

“The World Tomorrow” will show the interviews Assange did in the English countryside while he was under house arrest. According to the makers, the show will feature “the most interesting and controversial people alive in the world today, including politicians, revolutionaries, intellectuals, artists and visionaries to present a revolutionary spirit .” Including M.I.A.? Below these lines you'll find a trailer and a fragment of the visuals for "Vicki Leekx".

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