Two New Albums By Nicolas Jaar In The Pipeline

The first one out will be by his project Darkside

In a recent interview with British newspaper The Guardian, Nicolas Jaar confirmed that he has two new albums underway. The first one will be the first LP by Darkside, his project with Dave Harrington, in which he makes a laid-back alloy of soft-rock, boogie and slow disco. After that, in 2013 his second solo album will come out, which, according to the Chilean-American producer, will feature “esoteric, atmospheric, sad, diabolic 14th–century baroque church music.” For real.

Jaar also said that he released the much discussed compilation “The Prism”, on his Clown & Sunset label, as a metal box, because he hates CDs. In his humble opinion, the format only serves the needs of the “capitalist system”, which treats music as a commodity. “ If you're a record label, I don't think a download is enough. As an artist, I've given away tracks for free all the time. I can put a track on SoundCloud in a second. Wonderful! I think the other extreme should exist, too. If you're a record label – and I'm not trying to be elitist, here – you should be making something people can't make, that's the point. So it's precious, like vinyl.

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