Tragedy Strikes In The Hours Before Radiohead’s Concert In Toronto

Stage collapses, killing one person and injuring three more

Bad news came to us over the weekend. The concert that Radiohead was supposed to give last Saturday night in Toronto’s Downsview Park could not be held. Hours before it was supposed to start, the top part of the stage fell down, killing one person and injuring at least three more people. Sunday, the deceased was identified as Scott Johnson, a member of Radiohead’s road crew, in charge of setting up Phil Selway’s drums. Selway himself issued a statement on behalf of the band yesterday afternoon, expressing their condolences. It went like this:

“We have all been shattered by the loss of Scott Johnson, our friend and colleague. He was a lovely man, always positive, supportive and funny; a highly skilled and valued member of our great road crew. We will miss him very much. Our thoughts and love are with Scott’s family and all those close to him.”

According to the BBC, the causes of the fatal accident were being investigated yesterday.

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