Meet Tomorrow’s World, Half Of Air’s New Project With Vocalist Lou Hayter

Their first EP, “So Long My Love”, goes on sale next week

Taking advantage of the fact that they weren’t doing anything major as Air, Jean-Benoît Dunckel has pulled a new musical project out of his sleeve with a darker sound than his project with Nicolas Godin to which he owes his international fame. Aware that these new songs were crying out for a female voice with personality, the Frenchman ended up calling on Lou Hayter, until then the singer for The New Sins. Out of their artistic union comes Tomorrow’s World, a new project that, although originally intended for recording a single song, has ended up giving rise to eleven pieces that we will be able to hear on a debut LP slated for release sometime round March of 2013.

“These new songs are more abstract and much darker. When I do things through Lou it’s like an inspiration, the energy is not the same” Duckel has commented regarding this new venture. On the new angle, he added: “There is more femininity in the music, and also together we like to go into a dark mood. We have this new sound together”. If you want to find out firsthand how they sound, on 8th October they will release an advance EP on Naïve titled “ So Long My Love”.

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