“The Sound Of Belgium” Will Document The History Of Dance Music In Belgium

CJ Bolland, Joey Beltram, JD Twich and Ken Ishii are among the documentary’s stars

Belgium’s contribution to dance music is often underrated. And that’s not fair, especially if we keep in mind that it has always been one of the most devoted European countries when it comes to electronic sounds. The fact that it is a paradise for diggers certifies it. To right this wrong, director Josez Deville has created “The Sound Of Belgium”, a documentary film that will delve into the rich history of Belgian dance music and portray the country’s spirit through its popular culture. To do so, the documentary will explore the region’s musical past, paying special attention to key moments such as the genesis of New Beat at the end of the 80s and the techno explosion of the 90s, headed by the label R&S. It is precisely Renaat Vandepapeliere, founder of R&S Records, who is one of the figures interviewed for the documentary, along with classic names such as CJ Bolland, Joey Beltram, JD Twich and Ken Ishii.

Right now, “The Sound Of Belgium” is in the post-production phase and Visual Antics, its production company, has set up a crowdfunding process to cover the costs of copyrights for the use of both visual and sound archival materials. You can do your bit to help via the project’s website. We leave you here with the first trailer.



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